Ordination of Rev. Ann Scannell by Bishop Doug Fisher at Church of the Good Shepherd, June 2019.



Thank you for being curious about Church of the Good Shepherd in Clinton, MA. We believe that God loves us all whether faith-full or full of doubt. Gay or straight. Church going from birth or newly curious about what church has to offer in today's world. We admit our failures to reflect God's love in our lives, and with his help and the encouragement of the Good Shepherd community we keep learning what it means to "love our neighbor as ourselves."



We seek to share God's love beyond the walls of our church by engaging with the community and the needs they present to us. Good Shepherd outreach efforts include the following:



Wheat Cafe




Sacred Moments


We welcome anyone who seeks God's blessing at important times in their family life whether a baptism, marriage or a funeral. 

Call: Rev. Ann Scannell 


Please join us for in-person worship at 10:30 AM. We strongly recommend you wear a face mask. Social distancing guidelines will be followed.

Church of the Good Shepherd

209 Union Street, Clinton MA

An Episcopal Church serving the Wachusett region


The service will also be live on YouTube at this link:


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