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From Rev. Ann

Welcome to Good Shepherd! And we mean it! All are welcome here regardless of who you are, your experience with or lack of experience with church, your marital status, your ethnicity, your sexual orientation or economic position. Perhaps you are seeking answers, seeking God, seeking healing or seeking relationship. Whatever you are seeking, Good Shepherd opens wide its doors to you.

You will find loving, caring and compassionate people here at Good Shepherd. People who care deeply about loving their neighbors and providing for their community. 

I invite you to explore our website, which I hope will give you a glimpse into our beloved community, and when ready, to reach out to me to answer any questions you may have, or better yet, to come and visit. You will be happy you did!

Peace and Blessings,
Reverend Ann+

We are listed as an LGBTQ+ welcoming church in the directory of

Covid-Memorial for Web.jpg

Covid-19 Memorial “When the reported death toll from Covid-19 hit 100,000 nationally, the reported death toll in Massachusetts hit 6,547.  On this line there are 6,547 strips of cloth and ribbon representing a life lost. May the knots remind us how we are bound together.”  The Rev. Meredyth Ward, artist

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